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Liquid Glucose

Liquid Glucose is an aqueous solution of nutritive saccharide obtained by starch hydrolysis with Corn and Rice as raw materials, purified and concentrated to required solids. It is typically odorless and clear yellow viscous liquid sweet syrup that is processed and stored under sanitary conditions. It has a wide range of applications and is especially useful when high concentrations of invert sugars are needed. It also has anti-crystalline properties, a lower freezing point, and a high degree of sweetening power when compared to sucrose. Synonyms include liquid glucose, glucose syrup.

Features of Liquid Glucose

  • Prevents crystallization
  • Enhance the brightness and transparency
  • Provides sufficient sweetness in candies.
  • Provide better Crispiness and moistness in baked products.
  • Viscosity is high.
  • Forms frozen desserts

Applications of Liquid Glucose Rice

  • Food- Due to its moderate sweetness and nutritional value, liquid glucose is an excellent additive for sweets, confectionery, biscuits, ice creams, jams, jellies, preserves, pastries, and liquors.
  • Pharmaceutical- It is an important component of cough syrups and other vitamin-based tonics. It is also used in tablet coatings as a granulating agent.
  • Others- Tobacco, Leather, Shoe Polish, and Other Products: The tobacco industry uses liquid glucose to impart flavour, texture, and stability in chewing tobacco and cigarettes. Liquid Glucose is used in the tanning process in the leather industry to improve pliability and add body to the leather. The addition of 5% - 10% Liquid Glucose to shoe polish prevents caking and provides a faster and better shine. Liquid glucose is also used as a starting material for the production of gluconic acid, kojic acid, and citric acid.

Specification of Food Grade Liquid Glucose

Sr. No.
Colourless to light yellow
DS (Dry Solids) %
75% to 85%
Moisture %
15% to 25%
pH 10% Solution
4.5 to 5.5
Acidity as NaoH in ml
1.0 ml max
DE (Dextrose Equivalent) %
36 - 44 %
So2‚ ppm
400 m Max

Packaging- In 300kg barrels or as per customer Requirement.

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